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1995 February

1995 February


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Editorial 4

Letters to the Editor 5

Janette Cooper’s Helpline 9

Louis Vierne: a disillusioned genius?  by Ron Bayfield 11

Corno Dolce 15

A Question of Style – A NEW COLUMN by Margaret Phillips 17

NOTES News by Simon Williams 19

Charles-Marie Widor; 1844 – 1937 A biographical sketch in three parts by Ben van Oosten translated by Edward Kemp-Luck 21

Soundboard by John Norman 25

The BIOS Column “How BIOS can help the organbuilder” by Dominic Gwynn 27

Dr Conrad Eden 1905 – 1994 by Paul Chappell 28

Stephen Dykes Bower 1903 – 1994 by Ian Wells 28

“King’s Counsel” A Conversation between Robert King and Ian Carson 29

“A matter of national importance” Herbert Howells and the Carnegie United Kingdom Trust by Paul Andrews 32

Lecture to the Maurice Forsyth-Grant Memorial Celebration, York University, 14th May 1994 by Paul Hale 36

Review Section edited by Paul Hale 44

Crossword Corner 76


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