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May 1994

1994 May


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Editorial 104

Letters to the Editor 105

Janette Cooper’s Helpline 111

Ralph Downes (1904 – 1993): Musician and maker of organs and organists – a personal tribute by Patrick Russill 113

The BIOS Column by Nicholas Thistlethwaite 119

Corno Dolce 121

Two Walker Organs in Bavaria by Robert Pennells (Managing Director) 123

Enfield Organ Teachers’ Forum by Anne Marsden Thomas 125

Karg-Elert – a player’s guide by Anthony Caldicott 126

Soundboard by John Norman 127

C M Widor, 1844-1937 – A sesquicentennial tribute, in three parts by Graham Steed 129

A New Organ for the Royal College of Music by Nicholas King 132

Douglas Mews by John Wells 135

The History and Development of the William Hill Organ in the Reid Hall, Edinburgh 1861 to 1947 by Mark Pybus 136

Interview with Nicholas Danby and Patrick Russill 141

Ralph Downes: Some Personal Reminiscences by John Scott Whiteley 143

Conversations with André Fleury by Gerard Brooks from interviews given by André Fleury 145

Recollections of a Keble Organ Scholar – Ralph Downes CBE (1904 – 1993) by Kenneth Shenton 147

Review Section edited by Paul Hale 152

Crossword 190

Off the Chest by Ian Bell 191


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