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May 1985

1985 May


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Editorial 11

French Influence in the organ works of J. S. Bach Kimberley Marshall 13

Contemporary Music and the Avant-Garde I Janet Thomas 21

Soundboard John Norman 27

Letters to the Editor: 31

  • Sir Thomas Armstrong,
  • T. E. Sims,
  • T. Whitehead,
  • Bernard Massey,
  • John H. Berry,
  • Ian R. Baker,
  • Harry Coles,
  • Philip L. Carter,
  • Julian Elloway,
  • Ron Caine,
  • Harold S. Whitehorn,
  • Gavin Brown,
  • Dr. Stanley Vann,
  • Margaret Blyth,
  • Dr. John Wells,
  • John Hickox,
  • Malcolm M. Gullis,
  • Clifford Hartley,
  • Peter Jones &
  • Geoffrey Ince

Design for a House Organ Eric Pask 43

Building a Repertoire IX: Some 19th and early 20th century pieces by Romantic composers Gwilym Beechey 45

Corno Dolce 51

Organs I have attempted Stan Burnick 55

An A- Z of Recording Michael Woodward 57

Editorial Offers 59

Pipe Organs: Possibilities for small churches Philip Carter 61

Diocesan Organ Advisers Conference 1984 Revd. Jonathan Boston 62

Reviews (Records): Basil Ramsey, Jeremy Walbank & Gavin Barrett (Book) – Richard Popple 63

Advice to IAO affiliated Associations on Press Releases 68

Obituary 69

Association News 69

Index to Advertisers 70


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