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May 2008

2008 May


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PAGE 7 J.S. Bach’s ideal organ Peter Williams

PAGE 15 Piet Kee in conversation Philip Sawyer

PAGE 23 J.S. Bach’s music for organ Robert Quinney

PAGE 32 Bring on the heavies John Norman

PAGE 35 Our organ history Anne Page

PAGE 42 In and out of the box Paul Hale

PAGE 46 Sigfrid Karg-Elert: life and key works — a 75th anniversary Anthony Caldicott

PAGE 50 Louis Vierne in Urtext Helga Schauerte-Maubouet

PAGE 53 Both ancient and modern Dr Helen Smith

PAGE 56 The Manningham Hill organ and its rescue Paul Tindall

PAGE 62 The Susi Jeans organ at Birmingham Conservatoire Jane Allsopp

PAGE 64 Julius Reubke (1834–58) Robert Houssart

PAGE 68 Psallam spiritu et mente Dr John Bertalot

PAGE 71 You can play this James Lloyd Thomas

PAGE 77 CD reviews

PAGE 89 Music reviews

PAGE 99 Book & DVD reviews

PAGE 100 Continuo

PAGE 101 IAO information

PAGE 103 IAO Benevolent Fund

PAGE 104 Association News

PAGE 107 Letters

PAGE 111 Crossword


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